CRIF D&B Philippines is committed to help businesses grow. We do this in various ways including providing verified data in the form of a Business Information (BIR).

We are happy to announce that our business information has been revamped to give you even more unparalleled business insight.

Effective September 7, 2020, the reports that you will be receiving will display a new look and format. The new BIR will help decision makers, like yourself, to have a detailed and wide-range data of your potential customers, partners and suppliers.

What are the essential data elements included in the new format?

  • Risk Evaluation – summarizes the D&B Rating, Risk Indicator, financial ratios and financial summary of a company
  • Trade Payment – when available, it provides valuable insight of a company’s payment behavior
  • Current Investigation – contains latest interview results from the company’s authorized representative
  • Financial Information – details financial data helping you understand the financial risks associated in the company
  • Related Companies – helps you understand company linkages and potential conflict of interest
  • Shareholders, Management – creates a view of the persons within and behind the company
  • Business Operations – covers business activities, imports and exports history, customers and suppliers to have an overview of its supply chain activity
  • Registered Charges – helps you recognize present and past legal activities that could impact the company’s operations

During this uncertain time, we understand that businesses require trusted, accurate and consistent data to meet your business objectives. It is vital that your business decisions are supported by reliable data and valuable insight from CRIF D&B.

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