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Monthly Archives: October 2018


The Power of Insight

There can be little doubt that multiple beneficial ownership definitions, a lack of public ownership registries, the complexity of legal corporate vehicles, and the use of offshore financial centers represent significant challenges to organizations affected by the latest Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) regulations. Transparency over ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) is still the exception, not the rule, in many tax jurisdictions.

October 2018 WorldWatch

Welcome to October 2018 World Watch Headlines, taken from the most recently published Country Insight Snapshot reports.
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An Evolution Not A Revolution

Data is a powerful force in business, which helps firms understand customers and deliver the very best products and services. GDPR does not need to be a problematic revolution. There is a lot of hype and some panic in the marketplace, but the reality is that many of the standards and procedures the GDPR puts in place are based on, and can be adapted from, current data protection legislation.
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