In the DunTrade Round Table Discussion organized by D&B Philippines at the Marriott Hotel last 23 February 2012, the top logistics companies in the Philippines enthusiastically embraced D&B’s DunTrade Program as an effective method to manage credit risk in their organizations and in their industry.

The breakfast event commenced with Sheila Lina, D&B Philippines’ Executive Vice President and General Manager, giving a short welcome address. She then gave the floor to Anjali Reddi, Vice President – Leader for Global Predictive Insight Strategy and Data Standards from D&B International. In her presentation, Ms. Reddi explained the benefits that DunTrade could bring to its participants. She also painstakingly addressed the companies’ concerns on data confidentiality and anti-trust issues, among others.

After a short break, the D&B Philippines DunTrade team gave a live demonstration of the Trade Web Incentive program, highlighting the different reports that the participants would be able to access and utilize in their credit management decisions. This was followed by a lively discussion which further enriched everyone’s understanding of DunTrade.

At the end of the event, the various companies were awarded their respective Certificates of Appreciation. Those eager and ready to reap the benefits of DunTrade also signed a pledge signifying their intent to participate in the DunTrade program. D&B Philippines President, Jimmy Ladao, then closed the session by reiterating the need for trade information to manage credit risk and for continued business success.

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Credit transactions are a necessary part of doing business. However, in order to survive in the long term, companies need to manage its credit risk appropriately in order to minimize its bad debts as well as shorten its cash conversion cycle. D&B’s DunTrade program, which gives participants FREE access to trade payment data through an online program called the Trade Web Incentive, allows companies to monitor its customers’ payment habits in order to make more informed credit decisions.

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